Austin Carlile Quits OM&M

Austin Carlile tweeted and blogged today. Here is the official statement:

This is my official statement.
“I, Austin Carlile, quit Of Mice & Men.”

There its done. We’re moving on. You should to. This took up too much time.

James Shotwell

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  • Drama drama… anyone know the last name of the new singer?

  • Spencer

    Have fun with that! What band are you going to be kicked out of next?:)

  • Matt

    The new singer’s name is Jerry Roush. He’s Sky Eats Airplane’s second singer.

  • Dan

    Hey everyone. I heard that he’s starting a new band called “The Attack Of Mice and Men” with this guy Jordan Blake. I’m not sure if its true or not.

  • Katie

    Austin Carlile is a great singer and screamer! I do not understand why he got kicked out of Attack Attack! Now that he is quitting Of Mice And Men, it’s like wow. This is not a shock coming from him. He should find some real friends who love him for him and trust him. In that case, he could actually start a really good band with amazing breakdowns and 2-steps. This is only my opinion. I do not wish to convert the beliefs of others to mine. If you are reading this Austin, just know that : I love you and good luck with your great career!

  • BreeYDG?

    Austin is redic. Both AA and OM&M are so much better off. I show both bands respect, no respect for austin doucher.

  • Tim

    I really thought Austin was a cool, nice Christian dude, but now i realize he is really a crap bag. His myspace posts are full of hateful language, i began to have my doubts, how is this guy christian??? Now i realize that the singer i thought was the best in the world is really a hypocrite who lies to fans. Im a teen Christian fan of OM&M and AA!, and i know that i am never gonna listen to carliles lyrics in the same appreciation that i have been.

  • troy

    @breeydg? your fucking dumb

  • Wow, this is hard to believe.
    And not too long ago I acctually got to see Of Mice and Men on The Emptiness tour with Alesana. When I went to see them I was so looking forward to acctually meeting Austin, and I was so disappointed when I didn’t get to meet Austin, because of the reason was he had some heart condition, but I ended up meeting the other singer Jerry Roush who is super cool. Now, that I know the of the truth, the truth about the “REAL” Austin I have lost all respect for him. I had so much sympathy for him, now all is gone.

    I really don’t think that will happen, because Jordan Blake is in a band called Watchout! There’s Ghosts, but who knows it could be possible.

  • TY

    austin’s a piece of shit.

  • Karly

    Austin has a heart condition. He quit OM&M because he’s having surgery and he doesn’t want to put to much strain on his heart. His mother died at a young age from the same thing. You guys all need to shut the hell up and realize that this is super hard for him. He has to throw all his dreams away because of his heart.

  • tyler

    dude austin is amazing and for all you faggot shit talkers im pretty sure none of you have been signed so fuck off and chillout.

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