Austin Carlile is Back in Action


Wanted to post a quick, and very not proof-read post about people asking me if I am doing a solo album or a band, since the release of my site.

Solo artist? No way. If I could sing like a bird, or flow like Jay-Z, then heck yeah. That would be fun! Although I CAN play a mean acoustic sing along cover set, I will not be singing or free styling for anything except for fun anytime soon. I am a “screamer.” It’s where you push your voice or yell, out and loud making it into a “scream.” Simple enough right? Since birth every single person with a voice started screaming, I’m guessing, every day. Some people, like myself, just decided to take it to another level.

There is no possible way I could do this as a “solo artist” unless I was alone on a stage with all the music blaring through the speakers, screaming aimlessly into a mic, maybe even lip syncing. I’m no teenage princess pop-star. I’m starting a band, an experience, a group. I’m not some narcissist who thinks he can do whatever he wants, or be an entire band all to himself. A band is a team. I’ve never once thought otherwise.

I currently have one member who is already working with me, and 100% a part of the team. My videos on will be announcing him soon enough! Over the next couple of months/weeks I will be finding other members, a name, etc. But for now the writing process is him, and myself. That’s it. Simple. It is my chance to finally be able to use every idea I want, and make something to as close as what I have in my head as possible in music form. These things take time, especially when I was JUST cleared to start practicing vocals again, and getting my voice back, on August 26th. (Because of my heart surgery which was 3 months ago.) So, someone, somewhere wanted to create something so the people that were excited for me, could keep up, and also not get bored or tired of waiting.

The website was created by Rise Records FOR FRIENDS AND FANS, to keep up with what I am doing and with this writing/band starting process. I find it funny how many people think I personally made merch, or the website, or jumped to the conclusion that I was making a project named after myself or all about myself. No. Why in the world would I ever do something like that? If my last name were Gaga, then of course! It was made for the people that are waiting, it was made for all the people that have always supported me, for the people that are excited for MUSIC, and for anyone who wants to see what I am up to. Because I cannot jump into another project right now, I cannot simply announce a new band. I have a family, and recovery to take care of. The site is for the people who care, and who want to be along for the ride. That’s all smile

I’m doing what I do because I love music, I have more than fun making it, and because I have experienced some of the best fans on earth over the past couple of years. It wasn’t expected that I’d have to leave my old band to have a surgery that in the long run will and has, saved my life. But I had to do, what I had to do. I wasn’t finished, and won’t be anytime soon. Thanks to everyone who has shown the mass amounts of support, I couldn’t do this without you. No band, musician, or “solo” artist, big, small, major, indie, etc…. would be anywhere if it wasn’t for the people like you.

Love, Austin

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  • tyler

    hey austin i think your the best screamer alive take care man