Review: You, Me, And Everyone We Know – Some Things Don’t Wash Out


Artist: You, Me, And Everyone We Know
Album: Some Things Don’t Wash Out
Genre: Pop/Rock
Label: Doghouse

Let’s face it: Pop rock has been on the decline for about 3 years. While the abundance of bands and exposure of the genre itself has grown to all time highs, more isn’t always merrier. Just as synthesizer slowly deteriorated the hardcore scene, people trying to make a quick buck with catchy chords have all but destroyed this genre for most fans. However, we can all breathe a refreshing sigh of relief as You, Me, and Everyone We Know have arrived with their hearts nailed not to their sleeve, but to the tips of their tongues.

From the opening lines of “Shock And Awe” it’s apparent that anything the band was holding back on their previous two EPs is going to be put on display with lines like, “And up this point I think we’ve been pretty cool about losing tours to bands with only half our pull” and “You’ve had your chance to make your peace, but now I’m gonna make sure this hurts.” It’s this unleashed, angst laden honesty that not only sets You, Me, And Everyone We Know apart from others in their genre, but ensures listeners will be continuously dropping their jaws throughout the record. Later tracks, such as “A Bigger Point Of Pride,” “Some Things Don’t Wash Out,” and “The Next Twenty Minutes” are guaranteed to be almost uncomfortably relatable to anyone in their late teens/early 20’s and even if they aren’t, the group’s wordplay will win you over regardless.

Outside of lyrics, something YMAEWK possess the ability to transcend many subgrenres of pop/rock in a way that truly sets them apart from most others in their field. No two track on Some Things Don’t Wash Out sound similar in the slightest and while that may turn listeners away from a few individual tracks, it creates an universe of sound within the album you can’t help but appreciate. From the California pop meets showtunes sound on “I’m Losing Weight For You,” to the funk filled bars of “James Brown Is Dead” or the simple folk beauty of “Moon, Roll Me Away,” there is literally something for everyone on this album. The best part? YMAEWK crafted each track to compliment the others and while they all sound completely unique, the flow is impeccable.

Where most bands in the pop/rock world seem to create albums around an uptempo series or songs worthy of making girls swoon and guys want to play guitar, YMAEWK have crafted something bigger with Some Things Don’t Wash Out. Though marketed as a debut album, make no mistake: these guys are lifers. I wouldn’t be surprised if this album did for a new generation what Is A Real Boy did for mine. No, I’m not saying they sound or in any way resemble Say Anything, but rarely does such a talented band speak as honestly as YMAEWK do on this release. Give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Score: 9/10
Review written by: James Shotwell

James Shotwell

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