Yelawolf addresses signing to Shady

How hard was it not to tell let anyone know you’re signed to the biggest label in rap, pretty hard for Yela.

Keeping quiet was the hardest shit in the world, honestly. I was just so excited for a while. And everyone from my team who did know was really responsible about not letting it out. But I met with Eminem about four to five months ago in Detroit. Paul and Em flew me and my manager out to just kick it and get acquainted. From that meeting, I had no idea it would turn into this situation. I remember Paul was asking me about the meth problem in Alabama and I told him that I wrote ‘Pop The Trunk’ based off that issue. Next thing I know, Em starts rapping some of my lines from the song. I can’t even describe how that felt, I actually got super nervous. Em’s a real hip-hop fan, he knows about everything that’s going on.

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  • Rapperfriends

    congrats brother you deserve it.

    kosha dillz!