Kerrang!’s readers choose the “most influential rock groups of the last 30 years”

Kerrang! has a history of breaking bands and defining classics. However, their latest list has us a bit worried. The magazine recently asked readers to choose the “most influential rock groups of the last 30 years” and the results have left us shaking our heads in disappointment. While some greats made the list, many were forgotten (specifically: Nirvana and Radiohead). Check out the top 10 below and let us know who you would pick by leaving a message in the comments.

Most influential rock groups of the last 30 years
10. Foo Fighters
9. Ozzy Osbourne
8. Blink-182
7. Bullet For My Valentine
6. Linkin Park
5. My Chemical Romance
4. Slipknot
3. Iron Maiden
2. Green Day
1. Metallica

James Shotwell

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  • guest

    Um… this is the most messed up list I have ever seen.

  • Jackson_esp_slayer

    Tthe fact that Iron Maiden is #3 behind Green Day and Metallica is utterly disgusting…

  • Tyzmatic

    Guns and Roses
    Nirvana (should be ranked #1 possibly #2 behind metallica)
    Motley Crew
    Judas Priest

    this is coming from someone who likes the newer age rock as well…  this list is absolutely ridiculous