MOVIE TRAILER: Quarantine 2: Terminal

Something I love and hate about US film adaptations is how heavily American ego factors into the process. Generally speaking, we love to take the most successful films from other countries and turn them into overblown epics with far too much funding and far too little talent. One such example, in my opinion at least, was the remake of Mexico’s Rec, which you know as Quarantine.

If you’ll remember, the first Quarantine followed a group of citizens (and later police/soldiers) trapped inside an apartment complex that had been contaminated with a disease that essentially turned victims into zombies. The film stayed close to the original, but eventually played out much, much more mainstream. The difference in style and lasting effect did not sit well with horror aficionados and we doubt the sequel that lands on June 17 will either.

Completely abandoning the story in Rec 2, Quarantine 2: Terminal takes us to the one place we’ve yet to see a zombie breakout: The airport. That’s right, the “terminal” in Quarantine 2: Terminal is a play on words (aren’t they creative?).

Checkout the trailer below and, if you like what you see, look for the film on DVD and Blu Ray when it hits stores June 17.

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