Teacher resigns over Eminem’s “Superman” video

A teacher in Westborough, Mass. is without a job this morning after parents’ poor reaction to her decision to show an EDITED music video clip to middle schoolers drove her to resignation.

Reading teacher Sarah Jordan showed her students at Sarah Gibbons Middle School a portion of an edited cut of Eminem’s “Superman” video as part of a media analysis project. The video clip contained foul language, as well as scantily clad women, but was edited with all questionable language bleeped and any nudity blurred.

Following the viewing, parents of two children, out of twenty in the class, complained to the school and administrators reacted by suspending Jordan with pay. She later decided to step down.

Police were notified of the situation, but were not going to press charges as the images shown were edited and therefore not viewed as obscene.

While this story may not seem like major news to some of you, we think it speaks volumes about how sensitive America is becoming as a country. Is it right to punish an educator for doing their job because two (of twenty) kids have conservative parents? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on this developing story.

Source: WWLP.

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