As we move more into the the world of film coverage on UTG, we hope you are discovering new works, as well as staying informed of the biggest blockbusters. Just like how we view music, we think our purpose is not only to inform, but introduce as well and we hope to bring you many films worthy of your time and attention as we continue on.

Today’s discovery is a yet to be released from Stolen Arrow Films entitled Lambent Fuse. Click below to view the film’s new trailer and read on to learn the full plot description and release plan.

LAMBENT FUSE is a character-driven drama that illustrates human connection and choice. This complex narrative unfolds in a non-chronological timeframe as the lives of these six main characters intertwine.

Freddie Goone (Rhett Romsaas) plunges into a detached world full of regret after recent and tragic events that trigger his slide into depression. Allison Swanson’s (Heidi Fellner) kleptomania undermines her ability to hold a job and maintain a relationship with an emotionally detached and swiftly sinking Freddie. Paul Dobbler (Eric Hanson), a mysterious chef, takes it upon himself to meddle in the life of a woman with whom he’s deeply infatuated. Phillip Richter (Matthew Feeney) seeks to overcome allegations that threaten his long sought promotion as police captain. Keith Malone (Nick Hansen) and Vincent Becker (Dan Eckman-Thomas) embark on a series of robberies that land them in a situation that is way over their heads.

As the lives of these characters meld together, the consequences of their seemingly straightforward choices result in unpredictable and dynamic outcomes.

Lambent Fuse still has no official release date, but Director/Co-writer Matt Cici has informed UTG they are aiming to hit the fall festival circuit and move forward from there.

We will be interviewing Matt in the upcoming weeks, if you have any questions about Lambent Fuse or indie filmmaking in general, comment below and maybe we will use your question(s) in the feature!

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