Abandon All Ships kick out brothers Andrew and Dan Paiano

Abandon All Ships have encountered a rough patch when just recently UTG found out that brothers Andrew and Dan Paiano were let go of the group. It has been revealed that Andrew is now playing guitar for Woe, Is Me. Weird that Andrew already has a band to fill in for just after quitting, something seems fishy there. An official statement from the rest of AAS can be viewed below regarding this scenario.

Hey guys,

I would just like to clear the air with everything that has been going on. If you are wondering what is happening to the band, it will all be explained below.

Alright, where to begin. Well if you haven’t already heard the news, Andrew and Dan Paiano will not be continuing in Abandon All Ships due to personal reasons I would not like to touch upon at this point and time. We wish them the best of luck with whatever they do in the future. As for Abandon All Ships, we will without a doubt be continuing the band. Ange, Seb, and I started this about 5 years ago and there’s no way we’re giving up anytime soon, we’ve only just begun. As for Warped Tour, we will definitely still be going and are very excited to see you all come out and support. I hope this helped answer some of your questions.

Thank you guys so much,

Abandon All Ships

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