THE DROP: Huge Free Zomboy Mix, Old Unheard Caspa Track, I’m On One Remix


The evolution of Under The Gun Review continues this week with the fourth installment of our latest electronica feature, The Drop. Written weekly by resident basshead Jake White, The Drop is your go-to source for weekly electronic/dubstep/techno news!

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Welcome back to this week’s weekend-initiating double-dose of dub… The DROP! Get your huge headphones and and loosen your belts, Bassheads, because I’ve got a metric assload of bass for you this time around. How much is a metric assload, you’re pondering? Well, Bassheads, it’s exactly 100 metric shitloads. Now, bring on the Bass!

  • Free Song Stream: Ed Sheeran – You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (Gemini Remix)

Check it out: a pretty heavy banger in pretty good quality. The drop on this one is stellar. I may go so far as to say it defies my standing opinion of Gemini’s portfolio thus-far… Well done, Gemini… Well done. Ed Sheeran’s EP bearing the same title drops on iTunes August 28… You can definitely get your pre-orders in here.


  • Free Song Stream: Exponaut – E621

Classic-feeling dub, right here! Exponaut, new on the scene, is to be released on par with Datsik & Downlink, Boy Kid Cloud, and Brown & Gammon on the forthcoming No Strings Attached EP, expected out August 15.


  • Free Song Stream: AutoLaser – Cebuella “Chapter 2” EP

[soundcloud url=”″]
Here’s an awesome, gritty and energizing track fresh off the Middle Finger wagon. The Chapter 2 EP is available for purchase here.


  • Free Song Stream: Electric V – Bucuresti (Tartarus Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]
This isn’t dub, its trance- just to dodge that bullet right away… It’s just a cool track, IMHO. This will be available soon on Soviet Recordings.


  • Free Mix Stream: Ministry of Sound – The 20/20 Mix

[soundcloud url=”″]
This is a redonkulous, head-bashingly long, killer mix from our long-time friends over at The Ministry of Sound. The Ministry is celebrating the artists that have defined their distinguished label for twenty years, and contributed to the building of their esteemed dance music empire. This mix provides almost two full hours of pure dance mayhem from the likes of Deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Benny Benassi, Afrojack, and more to get you through any menial task near a Wi-Fi connection. Bookmark this for Monday’s grind and Do. Some. Work. Bassheads.


  • Free Song Download: Sleep Forever (Bassex Rmx)

[soundcloud url=”″]
I liked this a lot, especially for free. The forthcoming Ides of August have got me feeling all melancholy, and I think it’s got a great end-of-summer vibe to it (I know, blasphemy). Bassex is featured on the new EP Play Me 2, alongside Sex Drive. I would strongly suggest checking it out here.


  • Free Song Download: Caspa – Itchy & Scratchy

[soundcloud url=”″]
This is one Caspa has apparently had lying around for a while. I love when artists do this- it’s like a time-capsule scenario that allows you to glimpse at what you could have been skanking to back in the day. Remember when, like, a few years ago, they released that never-before-released Nirvana song, “Pain?” It was weird because Kurt was obviously long dead, so hearing “new” stuff (even though it wasn’t new) was sort of a mind-job… Anyway, in defense of my ramblings, Caspa’s technically a ghost so that wasn’t a complete non sequitur.


  • Free Song Download: Bit Lola – Deep Blue Sea (Stizreth Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]
This track is deep, ambient and minimal. It’s not what you’d expect, you can be sure, but give it a solid chance (Good headphones are recommended). The simplicity of the elements allows for the vast texture of the piece to maintain the spotlight nearly throughout. The vocals are rich and dynamic with a piercingly heavy tone, while the tribal, nay, anthropomorphic beat conveys a sense of hopelessness in the face of the indomitable truth of human mortality.


  • Free Song Download: PeaceTreaty – Change (Grixis Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]
A while back the electro, dubstep group PeaceTreaty held a remix contest. This is the winning remix, care of Grixis. They’ve decided to give it away for free, so big ups!


  • Free Song Download: BassHunter – All I Ever Wanted (KleptoMaddox Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]
KleptoMaddox is an LA based dubstep group that has already established two things about themselves during their short time on my radar: They can throw down some class-A filth, and they can set up website in twelve seconds. It doesn’t matter though, because they’re giving this one away for free… and, as a tribute to US dubstep, I might add. Even BassHunter, the Bass Breathing Demon of Sweden, must be tipping his esteemed cap.


  • Free Song Download: DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross – I’m On One (Styles&Complete Remix)

[soundcloud url=”″]
Here’s some top-notch US grime, my friends. Styles&Complete, a “Production Duo [hailing] from the Southern City of Charlotte, NC” in their own words, stack a vicious vocal track onto those sick, gut-busting wobbles we all know and love, in a way that adds even more balls to the already ballsy track. Get this shit for free. Now we can do this with some class, or we can get into some gangsta shit… Feel me?


  • Free Song Download: Butch Clancy – Boogie Knights

[soundcloud url=”″]
HUGE track! There’s so much to listen to in these few minutes of artfully crafted airwaves. Butch Clancy, the self-declared “Half human half subwoofer” is consistently reliable for providing the web with his powerful handiwork. Show this semi-sub superstar some respect, and summon this substorm at your next shindig, dig?


  • Free Song Download: ENiGMA Dubz – You Make Me Feel (Master)

[soundcloud url=”″]
ENiGMA Dubz, a.k.a James Vine, hails from Birmingham, Britain. An interesting fellow, he began to play cello at age five. This track is a cathedral wailer of a dubtrack… maybe a little bro, but who’s to really know or care when it’s saturating the hot air of a theater full of bassheads such as yourselves, amirite? You producers, artists and dreamers out there should be interested to find that he still uses Fruity Loops, alongside Logic Pro, to create and master his work. You can do it, brothers and sisters! I should tell you that ENiGMA Dubz has a full-lengther out and available for purchase right now on Beatport. Here’s the link!


  • Free Mix Download: Zomboy – Never Say Die Volume 13

This is a MASSIVE, 40 minute mix, crafted by the one-and-only Zomboy (who, I might add, is blowing shit UP right now). It’s packed end-to-end with bangers from Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Excision, and other rather likable fellows. Download this free mix, then promptly share it with everyone in your apartment complex, dormitory or house… and for God’s sake turn up the bass… it’s the low notes that really turn walls in to a visual-only defense. ;) Seriously, this entire mix is just banging, and should be bound for your playlist by the end of this article- which is in three… two…

WELL, Bassheads, I feel like I’ve succeeded in my purpose today, so I’m gonna call it. Thanks for listening, friends. I will be here next week, purveying the bass as always. PEACE

Jake W

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