Drive A partners with BitTorrent

Drive A

Drive A, and independent outfit, have partnered with BitTorrent, hoping to utilize their file sharing system. The band started their own label, Dead Conflict Records, which produces their songs and music videos. They hope that BitTorrent will help them directly distribute their material to fans (provided they use BitTorrent, that is).

Both Drive A and BitTorrent are excited about becoming partners, with BitTorrent releasing a statement about entering the music sharing business:

The digital era has forever altered the way we discover, listen, share and market music. At BitTorrent, we look to partner with artists who understand and follow the trends affecting the music business. We hope to help further these artists’ success through the utilization of our technology and user base. It’s truly a thrill to be a part of the future of music distribution and to partner with cutting-edge bands like Drive A.

Drive A’s newest album, The World in Shambles, is already available on BitTorrent.

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