Daytrader 7-inch planned for late 2011


Daytrader unveiled news today that they are planning to release a new 7-inch by years end. Property Of Zack recently sat down with the guys to discuss future plans and obtained a statement from Daytrader, that can be viewed by looking below.

A full-length album has been confirmed for next year as well!

Daytrader stated:
“We have a record’s worth of material. Whether all that will make it on is debatable. We should have a full-length finished by the end of the year for a release early next year. We’re hoping to release a few new songs later this year on a 7″ or something … It’s been a long time, and I feel like our new material puts our old material to shame. It’d be cool to give people a taste of what’s to come. The record will be early next year and the 7″ will be a teaser of the record.”

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