MOVIE TRAILER: The Big Year (Jack Black, Steve Martin, Owen Wilson)

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How many films can you name about competitive bird watch that are not documentaries? Go ahead, I’ll wait…(long pause)….give up? That’s because as far as we can find, none have been made, until now.

Comedy legend Steve Martin has been paired with Jack Black and Owen Wilson for The Big Year, a film that, in addition to other things, revolves around a competitive bird competition. The poster debuted on the web earlier this week and now UTG has the official trailer.

According to the synopsis, The Big Year centers around the three friends going head-to-head-to-head in The North American Big Year, a year-long challenge among bird watching aficionados to track and record the most birds in a single year. There are no rewards besides bragging rights and a spot in the history books.

Could be interesting or could be a creative cover for an actually run-of-the-mill story. Click below and decide for yourself:

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