THE DROP: Huge Releases From Excision and Porter Robinson, Free Bangers from Figure, Eyes and more!


The evolution of Under The Gun Review continues this week with the latest installment of our electronica feature, The Drop. Written weekly by resident basshead Jake White, The Drop is your go-to source for weekly electronic/dubstep/techno news!

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Welcome back, bassheads, how have you all been? Judging how this has been the best week of releases since I started, I’m feeling just great. Let me share some of my joy with you. This week, the joy includes a couple of MASSIVE releases from a couple of my favorite artists.


  • NEW ALBUM: Excision – X-Rated

[soundcloud url=”″]

On Monday, Excision dropped X-rated, his first LP off of Deadmau5’ monolithic label, Mau5trap. The album, though still fresh, is already one for the books. Exicision has ramped it up, this time, working in collabs with Downlink, Datsik, SKisM, and others. There’s already a clear emphasis on melodic expansion in this release; it seems that Ex is not afraid to expand his image to include more varieties of musical expression.


  • NEW ALBUM: Porter Robinson – Spitfire

[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″]

One day later, Porter Robinson dropped Spitfire, his first LP care of Skrillex’s start-up label, Owsla. Porter’s work is huge, and has an uncanny depth of character for such a young musician. Porter teamed up with SKisM, Downlink, Knife Party, and others to make this beast of an album.

You know, I can’t help but wonder if they were all in on it together, what with the timing, collaborations, and labels behind these two releases. Is Deadmau5 the puppetmaster behind it all? Hmm, things to ponder. Grab X-rated, the latest Excision release via Beatport here. While you’re there, get Spitfire and show porter some love too. Also via Beatport, here.


Okay, moving right along. I know the best in life is never free, but…. wait a minute, free dubstep? Well, so long to that theory. Here’s this weeks gigantic pile of top-notch, bass-laden bliss- free as (mostly) always.


  • FREE SONG STREAM: Eddie K & Millions Like Us – Black Widow (Ft. Hollie G)

I’ve never heard anything from any of these players, and I am impressed! I dig Hollie G’s vocals, they’re sort of Rihanna, Sort of Eva Simons, but definitely with their own unique character.


  • FREE SONG STREAM: Monstar – Put Ya Hands Up (Ft. Roly MC)

This… this is not too bad. Old skool feel, with a modern, fidgety vibe to it. Makes me think of what a collab between Caspa and Skrillex might sound like. To be honest, I don’t plan on remembering it for very long… sorry Roly MC.

  • FREE MIX DOWNLOAD: Blame it on the dutch #11 (ft. DJ Harlo)
  • [soundcloud url=”″]

    [soundcloud url=”″]

    Here’s some good old fashion dubstep for you. Two hours of it, from MWM Recordings out of the Netherlands. It’s pretty filthy, but I have to be totally honest with you guys… I didn’t listen to the whole thing yet. So, whatever- you can’t be pissed because it’s free. Get it! Love it!



    • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Oasis – Wonderwall (Figure Drumstep Edit)

    [soundcloud url=”″]
    Oh my God, I’m so totally sick of this song! Wait, Figure’s gotten his hands into this mother fucker? I’ll give it a shot. And so will you, don’t deny it. It’s exactly what you would expect. In other words, it’s not pants-fillingly awesome, but if nothing else I’m confident that it would draw one stellar reaction from a live crowd. And it’s Figure, so the drums are great as always… Figures.


    • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Love & Light – Playa Nights

    [soundcloud url=”″]
    Damnit, I love me some Love & Light. These two guys never fail to deliver some pick-me-up, synthy bliss. Here’s a blaster for you. Playa Nights is a song that makes you want to do one or both of the following things: 1. Get up and bounce like a fool, and 2. Play GTA IV.


    • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Eminem – Love The Way You Lie (Forekast Remix)

    [soundcloud url=”″]
    Is that more re-verb? I like it. That usually means the floor is gonna fall out of this bitch at approximately 1 minute and 10 seconds in, are you with me bassheads? With this remix, Forekast gasses up the chainsaw and carves up this familiar track like turkey dinner. Let’s do this, Forekast, bring out those big guns we already know we love.


    • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (The Chaotic Good Remix)

    [soundcloud url=”″]
    It’s gotten to the point that I can’t help but smile when I see new cuts from The Chaotic Good. They just have such a distinct voice, but the bounce and groove of acts like Justice and Sebastian. I can’t wait to keep hearing more from these guys, even though this track is already sure to tide me over for a while.


    • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Bro Safari – 5150

    [soundcloud url=”″]
    Bro Safari? I don’t know, I’m not sold on the name. Gonna have to get past my superficial judgement before I start to give your music any atten… wait, this is really good!


    • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: 2Pac vs. Feed Me – Hell To The Stars (Funkanomics Blend)

    [soundcloud url=”″]
    This mashup feels just oh so perfect. It’s like these tracks were born to be smashed together. The texture of that lead-in synth and chomping bass melody sets a glowing stage for 2Pac’s cold rhymes to blast onto. Tip-of-the-cap to Funkanomics, three Germans who do some good, clean bass-work.


    • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Katy B – Lights On (Gigamesh Remix)

    [soundcloud url=”″]
    Gigamesh pops back onto our radar this week, mixing up Katy B’s “Lights On,” which you may remember from the Rinse lineup a little ways back. I’m not going to lie, I like this better than the original. And to be honest, the original isn’t Katy B’s best work- she’s got better stuff out there.


    • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Team-Oz – Planet Of Dreams (Unsigned)

    [soundcloud url=”″]
    Oh, this is happy. It’s like a super-lasertastic club tune from the late nineties.


    • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Krewella – One Minute

    [soundcloud url=”″]
    This track is wicked. It’s… Think Feed Me, Skrillex, Zomboy, yeah all of that good shit, rolled in to one giant, fidgety, glitchy, electrodub superblunt. The vocals are destructively hot, the drop is as heavy as it is blinding, and the drums are like crystals in high-definition.


    • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: The Noisy Freaks & Dead CT Bounce & Blaster – All You Need

    [soundcloud url=”″]
    Holy shit, It’s some more of that good shit from the last track! The bass leads in this filthy number will dig their muddy hooks in and climb up your spine like imps out of Hell… in a good way. the keyboard and string melodies stand up for their piece adamantly, but stand no chance against the robo-braining that ensues at each drop of the bass. Clinging to the track for their lives, the higher-range instruments sneak in between bites of the bass to give us wee-listeners a breath. They are subsequently, quickly devoured by once more by the bass. God, that’s good. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I did.


    • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Raized by Wolves – The Call (Eyes Remix)

    [soundcloud url=”″]
    More good stuff from Eyes. This guy always delivers. Enjoy the supersaws, transient vocals, fuzzy laser-bass attacks, and whipping 8-bit counter attacks. Everything in this song is crisp and on cue, just like we want to hear.


    • FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: Nutronic – Run Away (xKore Remix)

    [soundcloud url=”″]
    Right away the piano plays perfectly with the bells/other ambient tricks. The vocals bring you right up to the level of energy required for this song to lift off the ground. Yeah, I know what I said… it does the opposite of drops; it lifts of. Don’t believe me? Listen to it yourself, friendo, tell me it doesn’t lift off.


    Well, bassheads, it’s been real, as always. I hope you all are transitioning into the last quarter of the year with grace and ease. As you may have gathered, that’s all the goodie-bag has for you kids today. But don’t worry: you have your whole lives to live, and I have nothing better to do with my time than give you all the best bass music I can possibly get my hands on. That being said have a peaceful, wonderful week, and I will be here for you when you return empty handed next Friday.

    Jake W

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