LIVE REVIEW: Bring Me The Horizon (9/15/11)

bring me the horizon

SHOW: Bring Me The Horizon, Parkway Drive, Architects, & Deez Nuts
VENUE: St. Andrews Hall
Location: Detroit, MI

Melanie Hodgins and I traveled down to St. Andrews Hall in Detroit last Thursday to watch Bring Me The Horizon perform alongside Parkway Drive, Architects, and Deez Nuts. It was a pretty brisk night with not too much traffic heading down to the venue, considering BMTH had to move their show from The Fillmore due to poor ticket sales. This seems like a growing trend over the tour, unfortunately.

Since Parkway is one of my favorite acts I was anticipating to save all of my energy for their set and standing around for the first couple acts. While we were still standing in the ticket line Deez Nuts already started and it seemed, from what I could hear, that no one was even moving around. It wasn’t until we got in to see their last 2 songs that there were some kids mixing it up. Mostly everyone was bored, to say the least.

Picking up the slack was were the UK act Architects, that packed a punch into the 7-song set. Performing with such angst and energy the lads rifled through their set and kept the front portion of the crowd on their feet. Some of my personal favorites were “Delete Rewind,” “Heartburn” and “Day In Day Out.”

After the set I was quick to run over to grab a glass of water and then returned to my place in the center of the floor. I was briefly checking my cell for texts/Twitter updates when I heard some guy barking at me to smoke. I looked up slowly to find three bald guys standing in front of my wearing Insane Clown Posse jerseys. The clown nearest to me asked if I wanted to smoke his herbal substance out of this crudely-made bowl. It was definitely an Altoids box. After I kindly refused and checked my phone he got up in my face and started lecturing me on how not smoking his substance made me look like a “Pussy,” as he gently put. This guy was obviously cracked out and wanted to fight so I left and waited for Parkway Drive to control the stage.

When they came up all of the nonsense from that bald guys and his goons went away and I started enjoying myself again. The aussies came out swinging with a brutal set that included all of my favorites; “Unrest,” “Sleepwalker,” “Carrion” and “Boneyards.” Easily my favorite set of the night because PWD pack so much action, shredding and raw energy into their shows. Truly a spectacle to behold if you get the chance.

Before Bring Me The Horizon came on, all the little 14-year-old girls were crying to see Oli Sykes and his manliness in full-effect. They were anxiously awaiting him to starting the onslaught on screaming and cursing. He actually successfully spit on at least 10 people, made kids do the wall of death and was throwing water bottles whenever he had the chance. Other than those events the group broke it down and made everyone in St. Andrews sing along with them through the whole set.

Mel and I had a great time and look forward to going back for our next show very soon!

Written By: Grant Trimboli (UTGgrant)

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