MUSIC VIDEO: Blessthefall – Promised Ones

Rock outfit Blessthefall have unleashed their latest music video for their single “Promised Ones,” off of their latest release Awakening. The video shows a period of economic hopelessness and peril, which is apparent in their tattered apparel. A very well-done piece on their part.

The group are currently starting the Fearless Friends tour with the Word Alive, Motionless In White, Tonight Alive and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! so go check these bands out.

Blessthefall offered a statement about what the music video stands for:
This video is set in a bleak, post-apocolyptic time period. We wanted to show a time of hopelessness and oppression. The world, more specifically children, are being controlled and manipulated. Then we come along as a beacon of hope. The kids hear our music and join us in our fight. The whole concept is actually a metaphor of the music industry. People are being brainwashed with awful, meaningless music and we want to show that there is music with heart and substance and that this music will conquer all.

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