Tool In The Studio!


It was certainly a great Thanksgiving holiday for the members of Tool because they are starting to record new material. Didn’t hear me the first time? TOOL IS BACK!

The band have been reported as using a Studer A827 analog tape recorder and it is rumored that the new album will be completely recorded onto tape. It is being engineered and produced by Joe Barresi (Isis, Coheed & Cambria, Puscifer, Tomahawk). Easily the most exciting news of the day, personally.

Limited information has been revealed but UTG will keep a tight watch on the circuit of news that is put out. It’s seemingly impossible to miss, when the group releases a newsletter it usually happens once in a blue moon. The internet just bursts out in a frenzy. There is no scheduled release date but there have been talks of a tour coming back around late next year, purely speculation though.

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