Green Day Frontman Launches Family Band Side Project


Green Day’s fearless leader has a new band in the works and this time, it’s personal.

Earlier this week, Billie Joe Armstrong’s wife Adrienne began tweeting photos of stickers which read “The Boo.” The flurry of tweets lead many Green Day fans to take to forums in hunt of answers and, after much debate, it has been revealed that “The Boo” is the name of Armstrong’s family band. A photo of the group can be found here.

There are very, very few details available regarding The Boo, but information should begin rolling in sooner than later. It is unclear whether Armstrong will be doing vocals or not, but one Green Day fansite commented, “Adrienne is singing, Joey could possibly be drumming (as is his role in Emily’s Army) and that leaves Billie and Jakob either playing guitar or bass.”

Stay tuned for updates and feel free to sound off below with your thoughts on this developing story.

James Shotwell

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  • Brandodasher

    its not how you spell BILLIE,stupid.

  • Grant Trimboli

    Thank you for being so respectful

    Happy holidays.  :  )

  • Mariam

    NO! you cant do this BJ!!!! I love BJA in Green Day and Joey in Emilys Army, but a family band is suicide (granted I’ll probably still buy any album and listen) but NO!

  • Anonymous

    I’m excited for this :) I bet it’s going to be kinda like most of Billie/Mike/Tre’s other side bands though where there will only be maybe one or two album releases and they never really see the light of day outside the Green Day family. Not necessarily a bad thing though.