WATCH: OFWGKTA’s Left Brain Attacks Fan


Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All member Left Brain is once again making headlines for his slap-happy attitude.

Recently, the OFWGKTA duo known as Mellowhype were performing when Left Brain lost his mind (and control) on more than a few fans, eventually slapping one in the face. Thanks to WorldStarHipHop, footage of this event has been captured and can now be seen after the jump.

This is (at least) the second time Left Brain has made headlines for assaulting audience members in 2011, yet somehow people continue to support his antics. What do you think of this ongoing situation? Is it self-expression or revolt in the name of nothing? Sound off below and let us know.

James Shotwell

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    18 hours later and nobody commented. I guess no one cares about your opinion. WOLFGANG

  • 94

    Should change his name to No Brain.

  • 45

    The part where he jumps in the crowd and goes crazy is just moshing…. more common at Deathcore and Screamo rock shows but Mellowhype’s beats are on that level too 

  • Gallardoalex27

    Wat song iz playing wen he goes crazy