RUMOR: At The Drive-In Reuniting…In Russia?

at the drive in

The week after Christmas is typically referred to as “deadweek” amongst many news sites, but a new rumor out of Russia involving one of alternative music’s biggest acts in recent memory has the blogosphere alive and well with discussion.

Music blog Louder The Bombs recently discovered Russion concert promoters NCA are [supposedly] currently working on booking AT LEAST ONE reunion show for El Paso, TX rockers At The Drive-In. Sound crazy? Trust us, we know.

This is the second rumor to surface in recent months regarding an At The Drive-In reunion, proof that there is obviously a lot of interest for such an event, but research on both ATDI’s pages, as well as their last label (Fearless), has found nothing to make us believe this is any more true than the last. The concert agency does have a page setup for the event, which you can view here, but we are not great with Russian and the translations on Google gave us no new information, so this will remain a RUMOR until ATDI say different.

At the Drive-In officially split up in 2001, only a year after the release of Relationship of Command. Many rumors of reunions have circled in the years since, but no such event has materialized as of yet. Stay tuned to UTG for updates on this developing story and sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the likelihood of this ever taking place.

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