UTG LIST: Four Essential “Rich Forever” Tracks (W/ Download!)

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Maybach Music Group mastermind Rick Ross dropped his latest mixtape yesterday and proved once again his sound truly is larger than life. Featuring eighteen bass-heavy tracks, Rich Forever is an early standout in a year that comes with the promise of many great hip hop releases, including an official album release from Ross, and UTG wants to make sure your ears get 2012 started right with the record’s four standout tracks.

Let us be clear, Rich Forever is a terrific mixtape and should be experienced in its entirety by any real music fan. The following list is simply the best of the best (in our staff’s humble opinion) and hopefully offers further insight to the sound of Rick Ross and the world of Maybach Music Group.

“High Definition” (Download)

The only solo track to make our list, “High Definition” finds Ross addressing his lifestyle, as well as the differences between MMG and the rest of the hip hop world. It has been a second Ross went in like this and it really helps set Rich Forever into motion.

“Fuck Em” (Featuring 2 Chainz & Wale) (Download)

Featuring loads of lower bass and synth waves, “Fuck Em” goes a long way to cement the relevancy and lasting power of Maybach Music Group. Ross obviously represents the CEO and sets the bar for his companions, but the contributions of 2 Chainz and Wale cannot be denied. We have been writing for weeks about the impending explosion of 2 Chainz in the new year and this track is the latest evidence of that coming to fruition. Get ready, MMG is going to keep things exciting in 2012.

“Triple Beam Dreams” (Featuring Nas) (Download)

As Ross says in the opening moments of this track, “It’s time to take you to the other side homie. The side you gotta watch A&E cable television for homie (but we live this shit).” Joined by Nas, who delivers bars so good you will hit want repeat a dozen times before actually finishing the track, “Triple Beam Dreams” is Ross on his grown man game, addressing life through a much more honest, dark, and sincere scope than his usual ego-driven lines of indulgence. It does not much grittier than this on Rich Forever, and every second is fantastic.

“Stay Schemin” (Featuring Drake & French Montana) (Download)

The first track to have its own video, “Stay Schemin” is a clear choice as quasi-single for Ross, but the track also finds all three MCs pouring out lines of great depth and insight. Nearing, if not possibly outshining Ross on this track is Drake, who once again opens his lyrical diary and unleashes a lengthy glimpse into his world. Be sure to check out the video, here.

Do you agree with our list? Comment below and let us know!

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  • kayandgee

    on point

  • Kamau Ware

    rich forever should be on this list. period.

  • Makea

    I downloaded this only because of the Nas feature, which sounds like an missing track from It Was Written. Prior to this, I thought MMG was trash. Ross is surprisingly gifted with flow, ad lib ability and hook writing skills. Nas can learn A LOT about beat selection from Ross.

  • Killakslay88

    this was one of the biggest let downs of his career.  Self made was a decent album.  As far as mixtapes goes Ross wasted good beats by attempting to rap on them.  It was sad to listen to such weak flow, lack of metaphor, and no wordplay.  wouldn’t download this if i was paid too.  Wake up to the whackness  

  • Thanks for sharing this list here.

  • Dj

    Nice list