READ THIS: The Script For “DEADGIRL 2” Is Now Online (And Free)


Trent Haaga is one of my heroes.

A few years ago, Trent partnered with some visually gifted friends and turned his script for Deadgirl into a motion picture that continues to haunt the darkest corners of my mind. The film was, to say the least, embraced with loving arms from the horror community and met with the usual outcry for a sequel. Haaga heard this cry and wrote a script for Deadgirl 2, but unfortunately it seem that is when things began to fall apart.

According to Haaga, via his official blog, (extreme) creative differences have killed all plans to further pursue Deadgirl 2. While this is a bummer to horror hounds around the globe, Haaga has attempted eased the pain by posting the film’s entire script online for anyone who desires to learn of the girl’s fate. Click here to claim your copy (it’s free).

UTG has already read the script for Deadgirl 2 and can tell you honestly that it is one hell of a page turner. If you loved the original, or even if horror amuses you in the slightest, read it. You may just find your imagination makes things even crazier than film ever could.

For anyone still left in the dark as to what the hell a Deadgirl is, click past the jump and discover the answer for yourself.

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