REVIEW: Anthony Green – Beautiful Things


Artist: Anthony Green
Album: Beautiful Things
Genre: Indie/Folk
Label: Photo Finish

In need of a creative outlet outside of his band Circa Survive Anthony Green recorded Avalon. The album was a warm, inviting record with a focus on a more acoustic, folk sound rather than Circa Survive’s bombastic indie rock sound. A little over four years and another Circa Survive album later Green has released his next solo album, Beautiful Things.

Between the release of Avalon and Beautiful Things Green has made great strides into the adult world by having gotten married and having a son. These could most likely be seen as some of the progenitures  for differences between the two albums. Where as Avalon felt like a fluid, cohesive sound, Beautiful Things feels a bit more jumbled in the collection of musical stylings at times. However, this is not a bad thing.

The album starts off with a gravely punch with “If I Don’t Sing” a bold, brash alt-country tune before dissolving into “Do It Right,” an acapella track with the members of Good Old War, who were Green’s touring band for Avalon. The album continues to climb up acoustic, folk heights before diving into heavier, louder Circa Survive-esque tracks such as “Get Yours While You Can,” “Can’t Have It All At Once” and “When I’m On Pills.” However, Green never meanders too long in those brash low lands before returning to the mellower paths of “Love You No Matter What” and “Lullaby.”

The last three tracks “James’ Song,” “Blood Song” and “Lullaby” are some of the album’s strongest. “James’ Song” is finds Green alone with an acoustic guitar professing his love for his son, “He laughs at everything/Unknowing the joy that he brings.” With the album’s closing track, “Lullaby”, Green again writes a song for his son, this time a lullaby. The track is reminiscent of John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy”. “Just rest your eyes, if they’re getting heavy/Rest your head on my pillow/If you want, I can keep singing softly/Or you can try counting sheep/Beautiful things, beautiful things are coming.” While not as sentimental as the songs that is sandwiched between “Blood Song” again features the talents of Good Old War. The instrumentation and the blending between Green’s vocals and Good Old War gives the last part of the album one last punch.

In the end Beautiful Things is an enjoyable acoustic, folk excursion with the occasional detour into a denser landscape of heavy, brash guitars.

Score: 7/10
Review written by: Ethan Merrick

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  • Deftkev9

    Good review; however, it is worth noting that “Lullaby” was not written for Anthony’s son James, nor was it even written by Green.  Lullaby was actually written by Good Old War but Anthony loves the song so much, he asked if he could “have it” for Beautiful Things.  On a side note, Anthony sang “Lullaby” to Meredith at their wedding.