Brendon Small’s ‘Galaktikon’ Releases Stream Of “Prophecy Of The Lazer Witch”

Cartoon NetworkBrendon SmallCo-creator "Death Clock Metalocalypse"

Metalocalypse co-creator Brendon Small has partnered up with Alternative Press to stream Galaktikon’s “Prophecy Of The Lazer Witch” and can be heard right here.

The project features Brendon Small on vocals and guitar, with Dethklok drummer Gene Hoglan (Dethklok, Strapping Young Lad, Testament, Fear Factory), Dethklok bassist Bryan Beller (Dethklok, Steve Vai, Mike Keneally band), and Dethklok engineer and mixer Ulrich Wild as well. This song features all of the great elements we are familiar with in Dethklok and provides a more rock sound to it.

Check out what Small has to say about this project here. “This album should be thought of as an audio comic book, an over acted chamber drama, a ridiculous premise that takes itself way too seriously all the way to the end.”

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