After five years of creating music loved everywhere they could reach, Massachusetts’ Life On Hold have announced they are breaking up.

Now before any of you get too sad, there is some good news. Life On Hold have been recording and will be releasing one final album. You can read about the record, as well as the reasoning behind the split, below:

Hey Friends. After much discussion and consideration, we have decided to bring an end to Life on Hold. It has been an incredible 5+ years, however with Nate leaving we have decided that it would be best to end this chapter and start anew. Now the stupid part. We have been recording a B-sides record and what was going to be our next EP over the past couple months, we are now going to release it as a full length. We are finishing up tracking and once it is done we will work on booking on a joint cd release/ last show. Til then, we have a bunch a shows booked this month, so feel free to come out and sing with us for the last couple of times!

We are going to miss Life On Hold more than this post could express. If you feel the same, click here and let the band know just how much they mean to you.

James Shotwell

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