Under The Gun sent Head of Photography, Kellie Gannon, to Buffalo to photograph The Dead Throne Tour.

Saturday, March 31st the Dead Throne Tour graced Buffalo, NY at Town Ballroom. As this tour did not make its way through my hometown of Cleveland, I trekked to Buffalo during a weekend full of music, mayhem, and adventure. Headlining this tour was The Devil Wears Prada, co-headlined by Every Time I Die, with support from Letlive and Oh, Sleeper.

Each band was incredibly energetic onstage and exceeded my expectations. First up was Oh, Sleeper.  I’ve had the opportunity to see this band twice before and they continue to improve each time, more force, crowd interaction, and it is evident they pour their hearts into the music relentlessly.  Their set included songs off their most recent release “Children Of Fire.”  Next up onstage was Letlive from Los Angeles.  Letlive does not disappoint, in fact, if I was forced to listen to and watch only one band for the remainder of my life, this is the band I would pick.  Lead vocalist Jason Butler’s feet barely ever touch the ground.  He spins, jumps, thrashes, and moves in an erratic yet fluid manner.  He and the rest of Letlive are unpredictable and play with such force from an unapologetic place deep within.  They played hits off their most recent release, “Fake History,” and set the mood in the venue for the rest of the evening.

Every Time I Die, who were coincidentally playing in their hometown of Buffalo, came out in full force to the sold out venue.  Lead vocalist, Keith Buckley, made his way into the crowd multiple times, singing with fans, creating mosh pits, even insisting at one point that he needed to “see the biggest mosh pit Buffalo has ever seen, otherwise my mother won’t be impressed with me.”  The crowd gave it their all as Every Time I Die played new and old songs alike, with their most recent release, “Ex-Lives” being a focus of the set.

The Devil Wears Prada began their set with an intense light show to match their booming intro.  This hardcore metal band from Dayton, OH and fronted by Mike Hranica, ended the memorable evening with unmatched vigor, dramatic breakdowns, and crowd surfers by the dozens at any given moment.  This tour is named after their newest release, “Dead Throne.”  After multiple circle pits, mosh pits, and sweaty pits, every fan in the venue walked back into the cold night with a warm soul, renewed energy, and basking in the glow from a show where every band put their all into their respective sets.

Check out the fun from this tour below and be sure to see the full set here!!

Oh, Sleeper


Every Time I Die

The Devil Wears Prada

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