MIXTAPE: Millionaires – Your Girl Does Party

Millionaires_Your_Girl_Does_Party 2012

Orange Country party animals Millionaires have released their new mixtape, Your Girl Does Party, and can be streamed right here on UTG.

We have not listened to the mixtape yet but I can guarantee that our staff will have something to say about it later on. Melissa Marie Green and Allison Green are sure to surprise their fan base with something special this time around. Dirty beats, electronics and explicit lyrics are in our near future.

Take Millionaires’Your Girl Does Party mixtape for a spin by heading through the jump and let Under The Gun know if the girls are bringing the heat.

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  • TopHop

    Haven’t listened to these girls in about three years, so I thought i’d check the mixtape out when it popped up on my newsfeed from a friend. Well, what can I say? …Filthy dirty, with some of the strongest rap females in the game collaborating with them. Strong, underground beats (thanks to a good new producer, Kris Lohrenz). It’s good to see that they’ve given up on the autotune/whail/attemptedsinging and have settled for something much more their style. Their lyrics are hilarious, if not absolutely ridiculous at times, and you’re either gonna love them or hate them. Not gonna lie, I thought they were finished when Myspace went down, but now? Well, I think they’re just getting started. They’ve certainly come in to their element, dropping the awful techno beats and settling like a class world-wide rap act. Props to them, wont be long until they’re snapped up by a large-scale rap label. Young Money, anyone? 

  • I can’t believe how much i love this. I honestly thought it would suck horribly… and it does, but like a really good blowjob. XD I didn’t expect them to have as much wit and filth OR collaborations [or even the rap flow] but its spectacular. I’d actually recommend this to someone. I DEFINITELY prefer the drunken slut bubblegum rapping, and this time around with a new producer somehow all the beats and melodies are RIDICULOUSLY catchy. It’s a PERFECT party mixtape, this might even get them signed… because this is HORRIDLY addicting.