Dark Time Sunshine Announce Album Details

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Hip-hop duo Dark Time Sunshine released a four-and-a-half minute video today with information and the making of their forthcoming sophomore effort, ANX which is due to drop July 24. If you enjoyed the creativity and pro production on their previous releases, ANX is sure to be right up your alley.

We’ve got the video as well as the ANX track listing for you immediately after the break so go check it out and let Under The Gun know if you’re looking forward to Dark Time Sunshine’s upcoming album!

ANX track listing:
1. Hosanna in the Highest
2. Can’t Wait
3. Cultclass
4. Valiant
5. Rock Off
6. Overlordian
7. Prairie Dog Day
8. I’ll Be Damned
9. Look at What the Cat Did
10. Never Cry Wolf
11. Take My Hand
12. Forget Me Not
13. Look Forward
14. ANX

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  • Sophie

    So excited about this. Vessel was a masterpiece.