Trivium Announces European Tour


Florida based metal group Trivium announced a European tour today, and we have the details here. Trivium decided that they will be bringing As I Lay DyingCaliban and Upon a Burning Body, so for all our European friends you better be getting excited! While this tour is only eight stops, it hits all the major areas of Germany, then France and Italy as well. This summer is full of awesome metal tours, and this one is no exception at all.

You can check out the dates and tour poster after the break, but make sure you let UTG know if you’re going to be hitting up one of these shows!

Tyler Osborne

Live in DC, grew up in PA. I specialize in writing, filming and taking pictures about punk, pop-punk, and hardcore music, and I also have a huge background in film as well. When not on the site, i'm running my own internet radio show, ToZ's Edge Radio ( I also love stage diving and goldfish.
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