Christofer Drew (Never Shout Never) Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Christofer Drew-2011

Never Shout Never/eatmewhileimhot! mastermind Christofer Drew was arrested last night (June 3) for marijuana possession. We’re not surprised.

Few details have been revealed right now but you can bet Under The Gun will update you as soon as we know the specifics of the arrest. Please view Drew’s official Twitter update after the arrest below, along with a picture.

“out of jail in my bed…life is gewd. nighty nite.

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  • Say it aint so, Grant!

  • Radiant_mt

    karma sucks

  • Npurpleturtle

    Out of all stars.. Christofer Drew gets arrested. Really?!!

  • Destery Baaby

    That’s What He Get’s For Being A Douche To Bryan Stare ^___^t 

  • Casey

    awww well karma comes around… poor bryan stars D:

  • aw seriusly? please tell me this is a freaking joke!!!!