The Mountain Goats Announce New Album, Release Track List

Transcedental Youth

John Darnielle’s beloved folk outfit the Mountain Goats have announced the follow-up to last year’s All Eternals Deck with a brand new LP (their fourteenth!) entitled, Transcendental Youth, set for a release of October 2 through Merge, Tomlab, Moorworks, and Remote Control in their respective regions.

Many tracks from the new album were debuted this past March in a performance with New York based female vocal quartet, Anonymous 4. Transcendental Youth will feature an extensive horn section, Peter Hughes on bass, and Jon Wurster (of Superchunk) on drums.

You can view the track listing for the album after the jump.

Transcendental Youth track listing:
01 Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1
02 Lakeside View Apartments Suite
03 Cry for Judas
04 Harlem Roulette
05 White Cedar
06 Until I Am Whole
07 Night Light
08 The Diaz Brothers
09 Counterfeit Florida Plates
10 In Memory of Satan
11 Spent Gladiator 2
12 Transcendental Youth

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