Glass Cloud Track-By-Track For ‘The Royal Thousand’


Technical metal act Glass Cloud released their debut album The Royal Thousand this past Tuesday and have partnered with AP to give an in-depth track-by-track. The band cover every song, it’s meaning, and the different parts of their life in this detailed explanation. Read what the guys said about their lead single “If He Dies, He Dies” below and read the entire piece by heading through the link provided.

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“If He Dies, He Dies”
This is probably my favorite song as far as vocal melodies go. When I was writing the lyrics, I was really focused on bringing out Josh’s subtle, ambient layers in the music with strong melodies in the verses. The track is so layered I felt it needed two voices playing off of each other to compensate for the complexity of the music without sounding cheesy. I based this song off of a friend of mine who used to be like a brother to me, but then we had a huge falling-out. He later had a son. I was friends with the baby’s mother and she had told me about how torn their father/son relationship was. I don’t know why it hit me so hard, but I felt like that kid should’ve been like a nephew to me. Knowing my friend, I wrote a song that said all the things I couldn’t say because we didn’t talk anymore at that point. Eventually, I got up the balls to talk to him and now we have patched things up for the most part. I feel like writing that song helped me push out a lot of the demons between us.

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