Christian Bale proves himself a true hero, visits shooting victims in hospital


Sometime today Christian Bale lived up to his heroic role as Batman when he quietly visited several of the victims of the Aurora shooting in the hospital.

The actor made the trip to Colorado on his own accord, not as a representative of any studio, with his wife Sibi. Bale contacted the hospital and arranged the visit in private, asking that no media outlet was to be informed. The hospital’s interim president, Bill Voloch, told reporters afterward that Bale had spent about two and a half hours visiting with the victims and the staff that was helping them.

One of the victims visited was Carrey Rottman, who tweeted a picture of him and Bale from the hospital.

I do not think it would be unfair to say that this was a very compassionate act made by the star, and moreover, a very classy thing to do. The mere fact that he did not turn this in to a media event proves that the actor truly feels for the victims, and more celebrities should follow in his footsteps.

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