In The Midst Of Lions Break Up, Issue Statement


Christian metalcore maniacs In The Midst Of Lions have been unusually quiet for the last few months. It seems 2011 ended strongly for them, and 2012 started promising enough, but somewhere along the line they managed to slip back into the ether without us even knowing. Today we learn why.

Taking to their social networks with their apologies outstretched for the world to see, In The Midst Of Lions issued an update to fans recently that declared the band disbanded. The message reads:

“Hello everyone!

We are so so sorry for how long it has taken us to update you all on the situation with the band.

After our last tour in November of 2011 ended we came home with intentions of resting up and heading back out on the road on the “Kingdom Days” tour in April of 2012. Unfortunately, the long break from tour along with some other opportunities for a couple of the band members meant that 2 of our members were leaving the band. This caused us to cancel our April tour for the remaining members to decide what our next step was. After a few months of no decisions and lack of motivation to catch 2 new members up to speed we decided to call it quits and see where the Lord would take us in our own lives individually.

We are truly sorry that we took so long I update you all. If we have any farewell tour shows or even a tour in the future we will update you all immediately.

God bless you all and thank you for the support through the years! We truly appreciate all your support!!


This may go without saying, but we are seriously going to miss these guys. On behalf of everyone at UTG I want to wish the members of ITMOL nothing but the best in all their future endeavors.

James Shotwell

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