Lil Wayne Delays “Dedication 4,” Releases “No Lie” Freestyle


Over the last few weeks you may have noticed the fact that no one in the Young Money camp seemed to be promoting Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated Dedication 4 mixtape. Well, now we know why.

Partnering with BreadOverBread, Lil Wayne released a video statement to fans explaining the tape’s delay and debuting his latest freestyle. In the clip, which you can view after the jump, Weezy claims skating and the release of 2 Chainz’s debut album Based On A T.R.U. Story earlier in the week is the major cause for the delay:

“My homeboy 2 Chainz just dropped his album yesterday. That’s my real, real, real good homeboy right there, and I refuse to put any attention on me when the spotlight, everybody’s eyes, everybody’s attention, and everybody’s attention should be on my n***a 2 Chainz’s album Based On A T.R.U. Story. So therefore, I ain’t giving you bitches Dedication 4 yet. So, I’m gonna give it to you in a week or so, but I ain’t even lie, I ain’t finish that motherfucker because I’ve been skating and shit, falling and breaking shit, but I’ll give it to you next week.

The video is after the jump. Stay tuned for updates on the release of Dedication 4.

James Shotwell

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  • Isaac666

    Lil Wayne still going in! Mixtape should be fat!


  • i dont know about this mixtape…… his mixtapes were amazing when he put RAP first… now hes on this skateboarding shit like hes some 5 year old i think its gona be laaammmeeeeeee… still hope im wrong though

  • anonymous guy

    u must be sleep, this go hard

  • Rob

    anybody that say “wayne cant spit” his shit just goes over your head. plain and simple. this nigga is a lyricist.

  • dees nuts

    this mixtape will flop if he cant do better than no cielings then he should start skateboarding full time