Stream Two New KISS Songs (If You Dare)


KISS, often referred to (by themselves) as the greatest rock band in the world, have a new album coming out this Fall, and today may very well be the day you decide whether you’re excited by that news or not. Two songs from the record, which is entitled Monster, have surfaced online. Both songs pack plenty of riffing guitars and soaring vocals, but neither make much of an impact on the listener. I would say this does not bode well for the release of Monster, but since when do classic rock bands give a shit about sales of a record released in the last twenty years?

You can stream “Long Way Down” and “All For the Love Of Rock & Roll” after the jump. Monster drops October 9.

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  • No offense, your opinion, but I think you will be proven wrong. Everyone else seems to really like these songs. (Kissonline link) Not a KISS fan eh? to each his own.

  • Long Way Down is an awesome, Zeppelin-sounding jam that sounds awesome cranked up. This is real, organic, genuine rock, played honestly and without auto-tune, drum-looping, or over produced garbage created on a computer program. Love this!!!

  • Jason