HOLY SH!T: The Ataris Frontman Has A Meltdown In New Jersey, Throws Equipment At Drummer (Video)


This is a story that is both surprising and sad. As someone who owes a great deal of thanks to The Ataris’ for the impact of their material on their life, it sucks to now be writing about frontman Kris Roe coming unhinged in front of a New Jersey crowd over the weekend, but it happened (and we have the video).

“Your Boyfriend Sucks” is a longtime staple of The Ataris’ live show, and when the band began performing it last night in Asbury Park, New Jersey things seemed to be going fine. Then the set took a turn for the worse when frontman Kris Roe took off his guitar and threw it in the direction of the band’s drummer near the end of the performance. The drummer, who appears off camera in the video found below, continued performing while Roe proceeded to apologize to the audience for the drummer’s poor performance before picking up pieces of the drum kit and throwing them off stage. Roe went on to tell the audience that he would remain on stage to perform solo, then grabbed the kick drum and threw it in the direction of the drummer (who was now off stage), while other members asked him to stop. We have no further information at this time, but you can view the entire event after the jump (skip to 4:00 if you’re in a hurry).

At this time, no comment has been released by Roe or other members of The Ataris. We will update this post as (if) things develop.

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  • There’s gotta be something going on backstage with this story, because he wasn’t screwing up the drum parts.

  • Gav

    such a loser

  • drummer

    The singing is what sucked; my goodness.

  • richD

    i saw them a couple of weeks ago. the drummer was drunk and playing sloppy, but he ain’t even good sober, so it must be something else that made kris snap. i am incredibly saddened to see this happen. poor guy. let’s not jump on the hater express (gav). shit does happen.

  • J

    They are playing my place in Providence RI tonight. Supposedly acoustic without the drummer. This definitely not what we were paying for.

  • Gneiss Pace

    Mutiny! Band should lose this loser frontman. What a drama- king.

  • Santa Barbaran

    The best thing about the Ataris was them leaving SB. Chris is a wuss and a huge drama king. No surprise at all to see him wuss out on stage. That guy a punk, he’s punk foe, always was and always will be!

  • Sad band of Foo clones in any case, and while the drummer wasn’t crash hot, he didn’t merit that reaction. What a tool the frontman is!

  • Punk it

    The Ataris Haven’t been relevant since mike left in 2005 Check out Versus the World at least they write new songs

  • fubiaa

    shit has developed. update yo shits.

  • fivefootsteps

    that’s no excuse to toss a drummer’s shit offstage, frontman’s a douche bag