STREAM: Texas Is The Reason – “When Rock ‘N’ Roll Was Just A Baby”, Band To Rerelease ‘Do You Know Who You Are?’


Texas Is The Reason are streaming the last song they ever wrote as a band, “When Rock ‘N’ Roll Was Just A Baby”, on

“It was kind of like a Brian Eno ‘oblique strategies’ thing, where the challenge was to write a pop song that didn’t actually have a chorus. We were right on the verge of finally signing with Capitol after a years-long bidding war at that point, and I think we were having a reactionary moment. It was like, ‘We won’t go quietly!'” guitarist Norman Brannon told Rolling Stone. “But I remember Gary Gersh, who was the president of Capitol at the time, told me it it was one of the best songs we’ve ever written, and that was really one of the first moments where I ever thought our band could actually work beyond the indie-rock world –  when the guy who signed Nirvana loved a song without a chorus.”

The song will be featured on the band’s upcoming rerelease of their 1996 album, Do You Know Who You Are?: The Complete Collection, which features two songs never heard before, such as “When Rock ‘N’ Roll Was Just A Baby”. The album will be rereleased on February 12.

“To have this time capsule for our band is great, but putting these unreleased songs out into world after 14 years is really all we ever wanted,” says Brannon. “We disagreed on a lot of things as a band – obviously, because we broke up! – but this was the thing we agreed on. That those last songs were our favorite songs, still, to this day.”

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