HOLY SH!T: Director Kevin Smith Tells A Story About Pierce The Veil


It’s not every day that one of our favorite filmmakers releases a podcast featuring a story about one of the most highly covered artists on UTG, but that never-before-realized dream became reality yesterday when Director Kevin Smith mentioned Pierce The Veil on the 99th episode of Jay And Silent Bob Get Old.

Let’s back up for a moment: If you’re not up to speed on Kevin Smith’s podcast empire, you should probably spend some time clicking around this website. Smith and his community of podcasters release hours of free material every week, including the often chart-topping Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, which serves as an “intervention podcast” to help Jason Mewes (otherwise known as Jay) keep old habits in the past. This week’s episode was released featured a recording from a recent live event in Edmonton in honor of the Show’s 99th taping (aka “The Gretzky Episode”). During the show, Smith began to discuss his teenage daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, and her love of music by groups such as My Chemical Romance and Pierce The Veil. He went on to explain that she loves attending concerts, and that Jay recently accompanied her and her friends to a Pierce The Veil gig, which leads to a hilarious story involving the on stage comments of Vic Fuentes.

You can stream an excerpt from the podcast that includes the story below, but I cannot recommend enough that anyone who enjoys Smith’s work (and even those who are on the fence) spend some time with his podcast community. If Jay And Silent Bob Get Old is not for you, maybe the celebrity-bashing commentary of Hollywood Babble-on, or the nerdrage of Tell Em Steve Dave will fit you better.

Smith recently announced plans to finish his career behind the camera with a miniseries entitled, Hit Somebody. You can learn more about that project from the earlier portion of the same Jay And Silent Bob Get Old episode used in this post. Click here to grab a copy for yourself.

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