REVIEW: Narrow Hearts – Make This Yours


Artist: Narrow Hearts
Album: Make This Yours
Label: We Are Triumphant
Genre: Hardcore, Metal

Make This Yours is the debut full length album from the five piece hardcore outfit Narrow Hearts. A few months ago they released a five track EP, Strive To Change, and ever since then they’ve been propelling themselves forward in the scene. Narrow Hearts have something to say, and they’re here to do so with the release of their newest album.

People who aren’t familiar with hardcore/metalcore/metal bands don’t always associate those kinds of musicians with promoting “positive” messages to their fans. In some cases those people are right, but in the case of Narrow Hearts they would be wrong. Listening to the lyrics in these tracks, especially “Turning Point”, you will see that they are generally very upbeat and are promoting positive attitudes and forward thinking.

The first full track, “Conformity”, starts off with the rapid pounding of the snare drum which leads the way into the equally paced guitars and vocals. The momentum from this song doesn’t stop when the song ends but continues on throughout the entire record. That song, and “Suspects”, are in a tie for being the best tracks on the album.

“Unconscious Minds” is the second to last track, and it’s relatively short, but it should not be overlooked. This track offers a unique sound that stands a part from the rest of the tracks. “Pvt White” closes the album in an anthem-like manner. It starts off fast paced, then a little over halfway through the track it slows down to instruments and a brief spoken word overlay which quietly ends concludes the album.

From start to finish Make This Yours consistently offers powerful, hard hitting lyrics and vocals. The guitars are heavy and the guttural sounds of the bass march their way through every track with roaring beats. The vocalist has a solid range of screams, and delivers his lyrics with raw, relentless precision. With such a meaningful intent in their lyrics it’s hard not to enjoy the album. The biggest issue would be the length, being only 24 minutes long it could easily get old if put on repeat for too long.

SCORE: 8.5/10

Review written by: Kriston McConnell

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