25 Days Of Metal 2012: #11 Between The Buried And Me – Parallax II: Future Sequence

Between The Buried And Me

Rather than counting down the days until we can celebrate Christmas, this year we’re bringing you a series of metal posts will be celebrating the countdown until we don’t have to be inundated with Christmas music and decorations everywhere. To coincide with this countdown we’ll be posting our top 25 metal (and metal-ish) albums of 2012. 25 days of hell, 25 rad metal albums to make up for it.

If you’ve been following along with my posts here on Under The Gun Review, you likely remember the review I did for this album in which I claimed it to be the best of the band’s accomplished musical career. I still feel very strongly about that claim. Between The Buried And Me have always aspired for greatness, and rarely achieve anything less, but Parallax II: Future Sequence takes that standard to the next level. As a band they have finally set into a groove that allows them to adequately place all of their rather unique influences and out-of-the-box styles into the metal sound without it being too abrasive or difficult to digest. Beyond simply veiling these irregular parts among the metal portions, they’ve done so in an incredibly cohesive way – perhaps the band’s only true flaw to this point. I don’t plan on saying that they can’t do better than this because I’m pretty sure I said that after Colors, and now look where we are. Don’t miss this album. Seriously.

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