25 Days Of Metal 2012: #3 Baroness – Yellow & Green


Rather than counting down the days until we can celebrate Christmas, this year we’re bringing you a series of metal posts will be celebrating the countdown until we don’t have to be inundated with Christmas music and decorations everywhere. To coincide with this countdown we’ll be posting our top 25 metal (and metal-ish) albums of 2012. 25 days of hell, 25 rad metal albums to make up for it.

Baroness aren’t a metal band anymore. Or, at least, that’s what everyone seems to be saying. The truth of the matter is that they’re just not yelling as much and there’s some more clean guitar parts than before. Even still, Yellow & Green is a heavy record. Given that it’s really to be considered a double album, Yellow & Green still doesn’t eclipse the 80 minute mark. The distinction is really because the material contained within is so dense. Sure, they’re less loud, but the songwriting is much darker and weird than ever before. There really isn’t anything in particular that deliniate the two halves, but the sequencing very much works for each half. Preconceived notions about Baroness now bing “less metal” aside, Yellow & Green is as worthy a work as any in the metal realm in 2012.

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