Tilian Pearson Focusing On Solo Work Then New Dance Gavin Dance Record

Tilian Pearson 2012

Tilian Pearson, the famed singer who left Tides of Man, is now the vocalist for Dance Gavin Dance and briefly demoed with Saosin, has been working on a solo album for sometime. We’ve heard several songs from the solo effort in the past twelve months from the record – some EDM influenced, some not.

Now, producer Matt Malpass gave an update on the album, saying he was very excited for it and was back to working on it. We still have no idea of a tentative release date, but considering that every band Tilian’s been involved with takes forever between albums and it’s been nearly a year since the first songs from the album came out, I would put my money on later rather than sooner. I’d love to be wrong though. Furthermore, Tilian gave an update saying he would finish the solo record, then work on the new Dance Gavin Dance.

Tilian left Tides to pursue singing in Saosin, but never outright won the job. Saosin is also in the studio. Dance Gavin Dance has yet to release an album with Tilian. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on the idea that 2013 is the year these musicians release records. See what Matt and Tilian said after the jump.

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