Film: The ABCs Of Death
Executive Producers: Ant Timpson and Tim League
Studio: Drafthouse Films

Horror anthology movies are nothing new. From Tales From The Crypt to V/H/S short horror films put together to form a feature length film is a great way for short films and their directors to get exposure they would not usually get. Usually these anthologies have three to five stories, but this year a film was released that had a few more segments than the usual. Instead of a handful of shorts The ABCs Of Death has twenty six, one for each letter of the alphabet, and if you consider yourself a horror fan you should definitely check it out.

Each five minute or less segment is directed by a different horror director from 15 different countries and revolves around a death involving a certain concept for each letter of the alphabet. For example, the segment D is for Dogfight centers around a death in a dogfight. The best part about these segments is most of them are not at all what you expect. A lot of the films have awesome twists or original concepts that will have you talking about them to your friends for days.

Unfortunately with the high number of short films it is nearly impossible to not be underwhelmed by some of them. Luckily most are worth a watch and even the ones that are less than great only last for about a commercial break. Some of the foreign director’s segments will be hard for American audiences to digest (especially the Japanese ones). Speaking of hard to digest, this collection of movies is not for the weak of stomach. Things get graphic in ways far more disturbing than just gore. Some of the psychological scares are phenomenal, especially when you consider it is done in such a short period of time.

The ABCs Of Death is available now on VOD so horror fans can just click this and start enjoying this unique take on the genre.

Review written by: Justin Proper


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