Horizons Lose Two Members, Asking For Auditions


Horizons are a post hardcore outfit hailing all the way from Mississauga, Ontario. Earlier today they announced that their lead vocalist/guitarist and the bassist. You can read the full statement from the band by checking below the jump. The band has also asked for people to audition for the position as lead vocalist. They have some specific things they are looking for, so be sure to read what they have to say before offering to join them. Take a look at their Facebook page as well to shoot them a message.

Additionally, Ben Zamora (lead vocalist) has issued a statement of his own explaining his decision to leave the band. You can read his statement below the band’s.

We realize that there has been a lack of activity as of recently so it’s time for an update on what has been going on with us.

Ben and Borys have decided to part ways with Horizons to focus on other things in their lives. This DOES NOT in any form mean that this band is breaking up. But with that being said, we are now going to be holding auditions to keep this band and our dreams alive. Below is a list of general requirements that we are looking for in a member. We are looking for a clean singer that can ideally play guitar or bass. If you can only sing, still feel free to audition as well.

1. Age range ideally 18 – 28
2. Able to fulfill the role of our previous singer
3. Must bring something unique and creative to the table
4. Tour ready
5. Must own or be willing to buy professional gear
6. Flexible schedule and availability
7. Able to make regular rehearsals in Mississauga, Ontario
8. Committed to being in a band as a career and not a hobby
9. Self sustainable and financially sound
10. No criminal record!

The link attached is an MP3 track containing sample audio for you guys to audition on. The music is new pre-production material so try your best to be as original as possible and really show us your talent! You can record audio, make a YouTube video or if you do not have access to anything to record yourself, we can try and schedule a live audition. Also, feel free to send us any other sample work you may have previously done and that will showcase your abilities (including past/current bands you are in). Make sure to send us a paragraph or two that tells us a bit about yourself and what you aspire to. For anyone that is not auditioning, enjoy the sample of a brand new track!


We take this band very seriously and for us, music is a passion and a full time job. Therefore, we expect anyone looking to be a part of this to match that passion and to genuinely and whole-heartedly put their life into it.
You can submit your applications to:


We want to thank all our friends and fans for sticking with us and getting us to where we are today. We hope you will all continue to support Horizons. You guys are the reason we get to live out our dreams. Ben will be posting a personal statement via this page later on today. Share this post and spread the word!


Statement from Ben:

Hey guys, It’s Ben here.

Given the recent Horizons update, I really wanted to take a few minutes to enlighten everyone on my decision and on my plans for the future.

But of course, I want to start by taking the time to thank all of you guys, our incredible friends, fans, and supporters, for inspiring me, pushing me, and dedicating yourselves to us. It has been an honour to have such incredible support on this journey. We really couldn’t have made it here without you.

But in light of a few recent opportunities, I have made the decision to pursue a different style of music for my future. As much as I love what we have accomplished in Horizons, I feel as though my personal music aspirations have lead me down a different path.

This decision has been extremely difficult to make and has been thought out for quite some time now. I am sincerely going to miss hanging out and travelling with my best friends, or family if you will.

But this doesn’t mean things ended on bad terms. There is no beef, no drama to be gossiped about. As a band band we’ve decided this is what is best for the future of Horizons.

We set out on this journey with a dream of inspiring music-lovers with our sound and that doesn’t have to change. If anything, this should be seen as an expansion of our love for music and our goals of providing our supporters with good music to listen to.

I’m extremely proud of Doug, Cam, and Don for continuing on. I hope that my brothers keep on living out this dream we started just a few years ago. I will always be the first to support them, as I’m sure they will with my future in music.

But like I said earlier, this is not the end of my music career, this will be just the beginning, at least the beginning of playing the style of music I have always dreamt of. I am extremely excited to show you all what I’ve been working on and share with you all the exciting things I have in store for my future. I have so many projects in the works right now that I can hardly wait to update everyone on! I promise… Big things are coming for 2013!

That being said, I will no longer be sharing my updates through Horizons and sadly, this will be my last post on the Horizons page.

But if you are interested in keeping in touch or hearing more about the future of my career and sound, please head over and like my new page https://www.facebook.com/benzamoramusic or follow @benzamoramusic on twitter for updates.

Thank you all again so much for the support and I can’t wait to see you all in the near future!!

Keep Sharing! Keep Supporting!

– Ben

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