DAMMIT: Blood On The Dance Floor Deny Break Up Rumors; Release New Single


Oh, internet. Why must you deceive us?

A website out of Australia stirred quite a bit of discussion this morning after posting that Blood On The Dance Floor would be putting their unique style of WTFPop to bed once and for all. The site believed, based on information from a man named AJ Maddah, that the end stemmed from the departure of one member, and even linked the split to the group’s recent decision to skip Soundwave.

Turns out, they were wrong.

Blood On The Dance Floor are not only still together, but they recently completed work on a brand new album that they hope to release by Summer. The record’s first single, “I Refuse To Sink (Fuck The Fame),” can be streamed below.

In addition to releasing their new song, BOTDF frontman Dahvie Vanity also posted a message to fans in response to the break up rumors. The letter reads:

I would like to make a lovely reminder that sometimes the internet is filled with rubbish, pollution, and bullshit. No! We did not break up nor do we have any future plans of splitting. In fact me and Jayy are happily together as blood brothers creating a new album as we speak called “Bad Blood!” Again these rumors are spread by fools and accepted by idiots. Unless we post it publicly on our official social networking sites it’s 100% FALSE. And BTW we just released a Brand Spanking New Single Called “I REFUSED TO SINK!” (FUCK THE FAME) SOOOO why would we break up when a new single has just been released??? Haters do this to get your attention. Do not empower them or give them power over you. You are better than that! I believe in you. ?

-Dahvie muddah fuckin’ Vanity

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  • hungrypanda

    Thank fuck they are still together!!!!