Beach House Release the Best Music Video You Will Watch Today, Directed by Eric Wareheim


I haven’t even been awake that long and my mind is already blown. I might as well call it a day because there’s nothing more this one can offer me.

Dream pop outfit Beach House have unleashed the visuals for “Wishes” from last year’s beloved Bloom. The video was directed by Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! fame, and that is incredibly evident if you’re familiar with his surreal spoofs and goofs.

The incredible Ray Wise (Leland Palmer of Twin Peaks) is featured center stage as he lip syncs “Wishes” on a football field. The video is shot beautifully and features many ridiculous distractions that I won’t spoil for you like a dick. Trust me, you just need to experience this. NOW! 1080p it after the jump. Comment and let us know what you thought.

Brian Leak

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  • Dayton O’Connor

    I showed this to my Dad and he thought it was a very funny goof and a spoof.