Austin Carlile’s Mugshot Surfaces Online


News of Austin Carlile’s arrest has quickly become the biggest story of today and it seems there is no end in site to the updates that we’ll be able to present in the coming hours.

Just a short while ago, one fan digging for details managed to find Carlile’s mugshot from the night of the incident. This photograph was taken after Carlile and the Of Mice & Men drum tech were arrested on charges of felonious assault in Bowling Green, Ohio. You can view the image below.

UTG has received dozens of tips since this story broke and we are currently doing our best to separate fact from fiction. A full detail of the incident can be found here, while details regarding his arraignment are here. Stay tuned for more updates as additional information begins to surface.

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  • tag says “April fools” hmm..

  • It’s not a joke, The tag april fools was meant to direct people to UTG in case they were looking to find out if the story is fake. It’s 100% true that Austin was arrested and arraigned. This is not funny in the slightest.

  • Worldwideex


  • steven

    how long until we find free austin shirts?

  • Compare the face in this picture compared to the picture up there^. They’re different. His face and neck are slimmer and longer than the picture, it’s obviously photoshopped.

  • How would he have the same tattoos and everything if it’s photoshopped? And yes, he seriously got arrested you fucktard. He got arrested for getting into a fight with some guys that were talking bad about Katelyn. And he was crying in his mugshot too, of course he’s going to look different.

  • Rianna

    His mugshot just made me cry…

  • Well he did just get out of a fight. His face is probably very swollen and beaten.

  • How do you know the fight was about Katelyn?

  • erynn

    1.) The mugshot is clearly photoshopped. Austin’s face and neck are much slimmer in other photos.

    2.) This post is tagged ‘april fools’

    3.) Wouldn’t the rest of the band have tweeted about it and apologized for canceling so many show dates?

  • Alyssa

    you can see how heartbroken he is. he looks like he had been crying. I’m not mad at him, i mean he stood up for what he believed in. This man has done so much good and has helped so many people that messing up one time isn’t going to make me think of him as a bad person. I love this man

  • No my baby :'(

  • Guest

    Ohh I’m guessing this is why they canceled a few of their recent tour dates then?

  • Presley

    No, he canceled so he could go to Katelyn’s funeral.

  • It’s legit…

  • Jess

    I read they canceled because he was in jail over the weekend. Uh. Not sounding overly legit tbh. although I’m still scared.

  • Jess

    Possibly, but im leaning towards more that it isn’t. I mean, that website looks like trash. It could still be fake,

  • Jess

    You can still take a picture of him and photoshop it to look different, keeping the tattoos. Silly muppet.

  • Heather

    Poor Austin I’m guessing he has a reason why he did it and even in the photo you can tell he’s upset

  • clearly the reason behind his throat “looking” bigger is because the picture is a close up NOT photoshopped. and the reason why it looks “Slimmer” here in this picture is because for one it’s a mirror picture and he’s far back.

  • Is he free?

  • ashley

    The tattoos in the picture the website gave are backwards compared to the ones in this one^