WATCH: Brendan Urie Sings About Ripped Jeans


It seems Brendan Urie has been hard at work at the Panic! at the Disco camp as he’s taken to YouTube with the first piece of musical genius we’ve heard since Panic!’s 2011 release, Vices & Virtues.

It’s unclear whether or not this song will be utilized on any further releases. Our guess is no, but there’s really no telling.

Watch Brendan Urie sing a beautiful song about a hole he’s ripped in his jeans below. And someone…please get him new jeans. 


Anthony Galasso

A native of New Brunswick, NJ, Anthony graduated from Rutgers University majoring in Journalism & Media Studies. He loves music, design, social networking and 'Rocky' movies. He also owns and operates his own clothing line, Breathe Atlantic.
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  • This needs to be a hidden or bonus track on the next PATD album