Annoyed Fall Out Boy Fan Removes Courtney Love From “Rat A Tat”


The return of Fall Out Boy has come with praise and hate from every corner of the music market. Our staff fell in love with their new album, but not everyone is on board with the band’s latest evolution. One track that has consistently caused fans to cry foul is Save Rock And Roll deep cut “Rat A Tat,” which infamously features Hole frontwoman Courtney Love. It’s not that the song itself is bad as much as people simply don’t seem to like the presence of Love on an FOB song. So what do you do when your favorite band recruits a less than fantastic guest vocalist? Remix it yourself, obviously.

Soundcloud user tylersilvestri recently uploaded a new version of “Rat A Tat” void of Courtney Love’s contributions which he claims to have edited himself. His reasoning for the remix? It’s simple: He “could not stand” Love’s presence on the track and wanted to enjoy Fall Out Boy’s latest efforts without hearing her. You can stream tylersilvestri’s work after the jump.

Whether or not you care about Courtney Love’s presence on “Rat A Tat,” you should care that Fall Out Boy’s new album Save Rock And Roll is finally available in stores worldwide. Click here to read our review.

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